Champria Adds Overwatch Data Visualization in v3 Platform Update

Champria Adds Overwatch Data Visualization in v3 Platform Update

Additional features include a new look, recruitment tools, player and team dashboards.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM --- Champria, an esports technology startup focused on harnessing the potential of aspiring esports athletes and their teams, today announced new features to the platform including polishing old features, Overwatch data visualization, an overhaul of team management and player dashboards and a fresh new look to branding.

New Look

Champria is starting off this new update with a sleek new look. This includes a new logo, a new style, new menu bars and new homepages. There is a feedback button where players can report any issues directly from the website, and a notification bell where notifications can be checked from any page.


This new update includes a makeover of our previously instated recruitment feature. This feature allows players to find teams and teams to find players, including filtering for the game, skill level, region and status.


As always, Champria aims to be your destination for all things scrimmage-related. The new scrimmage page allows users to filter scrims by game, rank, region and date.

The scrimmage page includes a search bar where users can search their favorite scrim opponent by name and see if they have any open scrims.

For each team, users can create scrims and a set scrim schedule from the team dashboard. To cancel a scrim or view past scrims, visit the “my scrims” section under the player profile.


Most people in the Overwatch community have heard of the popular data visualization website, OverStat. Coaches, analysts, captains, players and more have used scrimmage data to analyze their team’s gameplay and then successfully take it to the next level. Working with the creator of OverStat, this data visualization has been brought to Champria for Overwatch. Players are able to create a sharable link to send to the other members of their team and opposing team.

Taking the data directly from their Overwatch logs, users can upload this onto the platform and see it separated by map. The data graph has five columns, displaying Impact Score, Eliminations, Deaths, Damage Dealt and Healing Dealt. Hovering over each player’s tag shows their exact scores. There is additional data below the graph, including Final Blows, Barrier Damage, Damage Received and Ults Used.

While OverStat will not be taken down altogether, further development on the website will cease. Any future features and functionality will be available on Champria. If so desired, OverStat users will be able to migrate their data to Champria, through a relatively simple process of pasting their data URL onto their Champria profile to merge the two.

Champria plans to introduce data visualization for other game titles in the coming months.

Player Dashboard

The player dashboard now has an all-new look and all-new features, including Discord integration. Players now connect their Discord to their account and can log in via Discord for easier access.

On the player dashboard under “Settings,” players can put their name, email, profile and cover image, region and bio. Champria now supports esports athletes who play under multiple titles, allowing them to add skill level, in-game name and role (ex: duelist, jungle, hitscan DPS) for each relevant title, as well toggle on and off their “looking for team” status. Players are now also able to link their phone, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram and YouTube directly to their profile.

Team and Organization Dashboard

Like the player dashboard, the team dashboard has received a makeover and upgrade. Team pages feature team names, bio, profile and cover image and regions. Team’s, like player profiles, can also link any team-related socials: Discord, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.

Users can also use the team dashboard to manage multiple teams across multiple game titles, each with their own unique team page. Team manager’s can set their scrim schedule on their team page, as well as set their status to “looking for players.” Team owners can now disband their team page at any given time.

Adding someone to a team’s roster is easier than ever now that each team has a custom invite link. After they have been added, the team owner can set them to “manager” or “player” via the team dashboard.

The team dashboard can be found under the player’s profile.

Coming soon

More features will be added to the platform in the coming weeks, including league and tournament dashboards. Inner league scrim filters and functionality so teams can find and scrim other teams in the places they are competing. Organization pages will also be added so that organizations can connect with teams and players.


About Champria

Champria is the gateway for aspiring esports athletes and their teams to increase their skills, grow their community and achieve their highest potential. By using proprietary technology, Champria connects aspiring esports athletes through recruitment, scrimmages and team management while providing data visualization. The company was founded in 2020 by Chief Executive Officer Zeke Chavez.