Champria Upgrades Overwatch Player Dashboard

Champria Upgrades Overwatch Player Dashboard

Introducing Champria’s redesigned player dashboard, including a new look, new stats and new data visualization!

New Look

To give an overview of our new player dashboard look, check out some stats from beloved Overwatch League Pro - super!

Super's data on

New Stats

With this new update, we are adding hero win percentage, skill rating and top three heroes played to your personal dashboard.

A user's skill rating and top 3 heroes displayed on Champria's player dashboard.

This data can also be filtered by date range and playlist (competitive or quickplay) using the drop-down button found under the hero-win-percentage graph!

New Data Visualization

Spider-graph displaying a user's stats across their top 3 heroes.

Not only are we adding new data, but we are adding new ways to view that data. This includes a spider chart that shows various stat points across your top three heroes and a bar chart for hero win percentage.

Below the spider and bar chart is our redesigned trend charts. The content of the trend charts is specifically tailored to each hero and includes lines to show the average among players in the skill range above and below you!

Stay Tuned!

You may have also noticed the Recommendations, Hero Guides and Esports Fantasy League buttons that are not yet implemented. Keep an eye out for any updates if those interest you!


To celebrate this update, Champria has collaborated with Natter to giveaway two one-hour coaching sessions with Natter himself!

To enter:
1) Make a Champria Account here.
2) Connect your Battlenet account to your Champria account.
3) React to the announcement in Natter’s Discord!

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