The DLC: Volume 16

The DLC: Volume 16

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Overwatch League Teams have been told to expect an Overwatch 2 beta in the next couple of weeks, reported Haloofthoughts

Arran “Haloofthoughts” Spake, renowned and respected journalist -who has provided several leaks for transfers and Overwatch news in the past, most if not all of which have proven true- has recently written an article for Dexterto announcing that his sources told him Overwatch League teams should be getting access to the beta of Overwatch 2 in the next couple weeks. While there have been multiple rumors in the past regarding the game’s release, and although it is unknown whether this includes news about a public beta, Halo is a reliable source and his announcement has as much weight as you could have outside of an official Blizzard statement. Here is to hoping! Fingers crossed.

The Overwatch Flash Ops: Experimental Card Creator Cup 2 was tons of fun!

After the changes for the latest Overwatch Experimental Patch, featuring the Tank changes designed by Jennifer "LemonKiwi" Pichette, the Support changes by Mihai “mL7” Lupascu, and the DPS changes by both John “W_NTED” Lin and Jake “JAKE” Lyon, Blizzard decided to host another Experimental Creator Cup, separated in both NA and EU+EMEA regions. With the top team taking $10,000 in NA and $6,000 in EU, several strong teams were put together - featuring current and former Overwatch League players such as BenBest, FDGod, Hydron, Ultraviolet, Masaa, and Custa -who went on to win the tournament playing for Team Solaris.- Funnily enough, the final match featured Team Solaris playing against the organization’s second team -Solaris T6- in what was a very exciting game, with a reverse sweep victory from the team Custa spearheaded with his experience. You can watch the entire tournament on the Overwatch League’s YouTube channel, or on their twitch PlayOverwatch, which they returned to after a 2 year hiatus. Here is to hoping there might be news about Overwatch League on Twitch in the future as well?

Call of Duty will likely not have a game on 2023 (but we will still get Warzone 2)

According to a post by Bloomberg, Activision will delay the Call of Duty game that was set to release in 2023, making it the first time in almost 20 years that the franchise hasn’t had a new game in a particular year. Although a spokesman from Activision stated that it has nothing to do with Microsoft’s agreement to purchase Activision Blizzard for 69 billion dollars, the series hadn’t been performing as well as expected, with Call of Duty: Vanguard being a disappointment in terms of sales. Still, there will be a Call of Duty game this year, which will allegedly receive additional content to push the game’s lifespan until 2024.  “We have an exciting slate of premium and free-to-play Call of Duty experiences for this year, next year and beyond,” said the spokesman regarding the expectations for this new game - which is likely to be a sequel to Warzone, given the free-to-play Battle Royale game’s huge success.

Riot Games, the video game company that created massive franchises such as League of Legends and VALORANT, has just released a new press website, which is set to serve as a source for press articles, featuring pages for each of the company’s games with assets, bios and fact sheets for the games. While you do need an account to access the content, making one is free. On top of that, Riot also updated their logo to a simpler, but more eye-catching version (seen below). “While we made the wordmark a bit more modern, we wanted to retain the original spirit of the fist and make it clear that Riot GAMES remain at our core,” Riot said.

The University of California, Irvine, became a founding member of Voice of Intercollegiate Esports - VOICE

With the goal of taking a more active role in “the nascent and exciting field of collegiate esports,” as stated by UCI Chancellor Howard Gillamn (who will head the organization’s President’s Council), the University of California, Irvine, has become a founding member of Voice of Intercollagiate Esports (VOICE), joining other top collegiate esports institutions in their fight to “shape the future of higher education by building an inclusive, sustainable, competitive collegiate esports ecosystem and creating a united voice for colleges and universities.” The announcement came just after UCI’s success in the second annual University of California Esports Initiative Invitational, where the local esport athletes managed to take the gold in both Overwatch and VALORANT, and the silver in League of Legends

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